welcome to clinterra

Clinterra Research Network is a global network of niche, regionally based
CROs and independent clinical trial professionals.

We believe that the greatest local expertise can be found at ground level.  A local CRO or independent professional has a much deeper knowledge of their local region than a global CRO or a consultant an entire continent away.  However, when the decision to globalise clinical trials is made, the vital ground knowledge and competences of the local CROs are being ignored, replaced by the promises of unified, global capabilities to the detriment of budgets, timelines, and quality.

Until now, sponsors have had to make a choice between global coverage and local knowledge as they have been mutually exclusive.  We have broken that barrier and the Clinterra Research Network is now the only source of local
knowledge AND global capabilities. 

Consider us not as an additional administrative tier but as a bridge between local knowledge, culture, quality and global capabilities.

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